Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Free Nars Lip Gloss!

Posted by luvrin at 4:14 PM
I had my eyes done at Mecca Cosmetica in Chadstone just to claim my free gift, which turned out to be these cute mini Nars lip glosses. The look was nothing special, just a basic sultry smokey eye. Let me just say, I felt so weird walking around the shopping centre with a bold smokey eye. It was a night look, not a day look! But that was what they were offerering on the day, and I wanted my goodies!

I did a swatch of the colours. My fav is sweet revenge. It's a nude gloss and give the lips a nice sheen. The Nars lip glosses are nice in texture, not too sticky and have a good colour pay off but they don't smell very good. The smell reminds me of paint, for some reason. I don't think I'll actually purchase these but if I were to buy one, I'd get misbehave (which has glitters in it but looks really subtle on the lips) or sweet revenge. I'm glad I got these for free, they're great to carry around in my handbag!

I did make a purchase while in Mecca (how could I not?) I bought Nars blush in Orgasm for $62 (AUD). I love that it has a subtle shimmer and it really does give you that naturally flushed look. This will be my regular blush from now on. Previously I was using Estee Lauder, which I love also but you really have to keep applying to get the colour you want. With the Nars I do just one swipe and that's all I need! My next Nars purchase will have to be a bronzer, which they're famous for. Not sure which one to get. The infamous Laguna or the new Irresistiblement? Any thoughts?


Angela on October 6, 2009 at 5:20 PM said...

wow i have never seen mini nars before. they are so cute...LOL

btw, im a new follower and i love your blog. keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Cute, my fave NARS gloss is sweet revenge. They do start to taste plasticiney/painty when they get a few months old, but I'm surprsied yours were already smelling that way.
The glittery ones don't smell as bad as the non-glittery ones though.

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