Monday, October 26, 2009

Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin & Nutridefense

Posted by luvrin at 2:47 PM
This is my current shampoo and conditioner. The nutridefense is really a treatment that you leave in for 5 mins, but if I'm rushed for time I'll use it just like a regular conditioner.

My current hair care regimen is comprised of the following: washing hair twice a week, using a mask (nutridefense) once a week (I try to anyway!) and minimal styling and products. My hair is really thick and dry. I used to wash my hair every single day until I figured out that it was probably making my hair really oily and flaky. So in 2007 I stopped washing every day and my hair is now normal and I don't get flakes anymore!

I love using the Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin because it has a really fresh, clinical smell to it. I'm sure there are people out there who hate it, but I happen to love it. It's just a clean, crisp smell. Reminds me of the hospital, actually! Lol. I don't think it's a bad smell. It's nice and fresh. The shampoo lathers up nicely and you really feel like you're giving your hair a good clean. I don't need to shampoo twice as doing it once is effective enough.

Kerastase Nutritive Nutridefense is such an awesome product. It's a treatment that really works. My hair is dry, but after using this my hair feels so soft and silky. It's amazing! What I do is wash my hair with the Nutritive Bain Satin, towel dry my hair, apply the Nutridefense, clip my hair up in a bun, pop a shower cap on and continue showering. The heat of the shower really helps your hair to absorb the product. I leave it in for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse it out. Seriously, my hair feels so amazing afterward. Like silk! I love, love, love the stuff!

If I don't have time, I just wash my hair with the Nutritive Bain Satin, then use the Nutridefense as if it were a regular conditioner: I just apply it to my hair, leave in for a few minutes then rinse out. Still makes my hair feel silky!

These two products together are amazing. Usually, I switch shampoos and conditioners every year but I think I'm going to stick with the Kerastase Nutritive range. The Bain Satin comes in a 250ml bottle and the Nutridefense comes in a 200ml pot. Both products have lasted me for a long time, I bought this back in March 2009 and I don't think I'm even halfway through it yet! So I think it's safe to say that Kerastase Nutritive is my HG shampoo and conditioner (treatment)!


xkhem on October 28, 2009 at 9:26 PM said...

heya Rin, i dont know how this blog thing works but im just following people. lol.

Toothfairy on October 31, 2009 at 7:26 AM said...

euh... I use the same products, but I have to buy new ones every month! haha!


antares on February 17, 2011 at 4:12 PM said...

yeah its my amazing the best Kerastase product!


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