Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunday in pictures: ice-cream & Harbour Town

Posted by Rin Buth at 3:22 AM
Today the boys and I spent half the day out.  We went to Brighton for some ice-cream and a spot of shopping before heading to Docklands for some more shopping and fun in the sun.

The boys have to share their ice-cream because they will never finish it if they get their own.  Even then, they don't finish a shared small cup!

I usually don't like to eat ice-cream but I figured I probably could do with the calcium.  I chose hokey pokey and while it tasted exactly like it was supposed to, there were no honey comb bits!  The whole reason why I choose hokey pokey was because I wanted to eat those crunchy balls of sweetness... grrr!  On my nails is Chanel rose exuberant - review here.

Dante being the little poser that he is.

Harbour Town - the most boring shopping "center" in my opinion as they don't have any stores I like.  But at least it's outdoors and my kids enjoyed themselves as they got to run around in the sun and play games at the EB Games store.

The boys and I inside a store.  

The boys mucking around in Rebel sport.  Guns are bad, I know!  The shops closed at 5pm so we headed to the wharf for a scenic walk.  And no, I did not buy anything!  What a surprise.

A little boat we saw along the pier.  And my boys posing under the sculpture thingy.

More posing under sculptures.

Two particularly bad photos of us, but it's the only one I got of all three of us without me taking it in the mirror!  In the first one, the kids look great but I look terrible with my wind swept hair.  In the second, I look decent but my kids aren't focusing.  *sigh* 

Dante thought he could move the sculpture.  After a good five minutes of pushing, he finally gave up.  Hehe!

After our walk, we headed back home and had a greasy dinner of fish and chips (and potato cakes and dim sims).

How was your Sunday?



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