Sunday, February 3, 2013

Maccas on the train

Posted by luvrin at 12:04 AM

I took my boys out today to Melbourne city via public transport.  I really hate the public transport system because it's almost always extremely packed and never running on time (today was a good day, though).  With the new Myki ticketing system it's also tricky to take out both my boys as having three cards scanned is such a hassle.  I feel like I'm holding up the line and I can hear the impatient sighs from the other commuters.

We had maccas for lunch.  My kids had a 3 nugget happy meal with apple juice each, and I had a fillet'o'fish meal with a frozen coke.  I have never seen a frozen coke filled up to the brim before -  I had to start drinking it right away as it was expanding and would've dribbled out of the hole if I hadn't!  We ate on the train, to save time.

I went to a Guess store to pick up some shoes that were on hold for me.  I also tried on a dress that I really liked but I think I'll wait for it to go on sale before I consider purchasing it.  I tried to take a few photos in the store but my younger boy can't keep still and my older son is always pulling silly faces.

My outfit today was a pink shirt by Ralph Lauren, skinny jeans by True Religion, ballet flats from Forever New and a crossbody bag from K-Mart.  Below are the latest additions to my shoe collection.  I can't wait to wear them!



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